Piscataway, New Jersey



“The history of the First Baptist Church of Piscataway, New Jersey by J.F. Brown, DD., gives the following account of early Piscataway:


“Piscataway was a place of more political importance then than now, being through a long period of colonial times the seat of justice for a large extent of territory extending over Middlesex and part of what are now Union and Somerset Counties. New

Brunswick then had no existence. The colonial legislature held one meeting, if not more, in Piscataway.”


And on page 14:

“The Suttons also came from Long Island4 descending from an honorable ancestry in the County of Nottingham, England, where the progenitor of Fitz Randolphs lived before emigrating to this country. This family furnished to New Jersey many excellent Baptist preachers during the Colonial and Revolutionary times; one family had four distinguished sons in the ministry5 .

With respect to English history, the family of William Sutton including the George Sutton ancestry is traced back in several publications to the Lords Lexington and the House of Sutton (extinct). The family reportedly descend from Norman ancestors who took the surname from Sutton-upon-Trent. According to those records Sir William Sutton, Knight of Aran, married Susan, daughter of Thomas Coney, Esq., of Boseing Thorpe, County Lincoln and had four sons. The first, Robert, was devoted to the Royal Cause and was made Lord Lexington by a grateful Charles I. This information taken from “Names in South Carolina” Winter 1976, Department of English, U.S.C.