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Alexander Candleish Sutton

Generation 8

Alexander (“Alec”) Candleish Sutton (b. 1815, d. May 27, 1898) m. Eliza Partlow (“Fat Granny” d. before 1910). He is buried at Flint Hill Baptist Church Cemetery in Fort Mill, S.C.. Alec was married to Eliza Partlow whose nickname was “Fat Granny” and who was the daughter of Bosnell Partlow.

Alec was a slave trader; he would travel to Charleston and buy slaves off the boat when they came in. In this trade he made all his money. This Alec is responsible for the acquisition of the Sutton family property on Sutton Road in Fort Mill. It seems that Bosnell Partlow had gotten a land lease or grant for this property from the Catawba Indians, and in turn, borrowed $84 from the bank against the land. When Bosnell couldn’t repay the bank, Alec bought the mortgage from the bank in 1836, and thus got a deed for the land. Then in 1840, the state of South Carolina bought land from the Catawba Indians, and Alec got a grant from the state for 180 acres which comprises the rest of the land on Sutton Road in Fort Mill.

Alec built the house on Sutton Road which we know as the “home place” which was only two big rooms and a lean-to. Fat Granny lived in this home until her death sometime before 1910. The home place was left to their daughter Sally Leonard. She married Dave Leonard (sheriff of Lexington County in N.C.) and move to N.C. with her husband. She borrowed $1000 on the home place (180 acres) but wasn’t living there, so her nephew (Alexander) wanted it so he told her that he would pay it off if she would give it to him. She said okay. He then moved into the house in 1910.

I received some valuable information from a cousin, Sutton Epps, that reveals that this Alec was married first to Lousia Partlow, Eliza's older sister. Sutton writes,

"Bozel Partlow died in 1843 and the estate sale was held on 17 Jan 1844.  Alex C. purchased two horses and a calf. On 29 April 1844, a guardianship court action (Equity Court Journal, Book B, 1841-48, pp. 78-79) identified five of Boswell's six children, Harriet, Nancy, Louisa, Randolph, and Elizabeth. (Robert C. was omitted for some reason). A guardian was appointed for Randolph and Elizabeth.

Bozel's wife, Elizabeth (Pettus) (Jackson) Partlow died in 1845. York County Estate Records show two distributions to the heirs, Case 4, File 170, and Case 4, File 171. One distribution was made to the children of Bozel and Elizabeth including a share to A.C. Sutton in right of his wife Louisa. The other distribution was made to the children of Bozel and Elizabeth and to the children of William Jackson and Elizabeth. This second distribution included a share to A.C. Sutton and wife.

So it appears that Alec C. was married first to Louisa Partlow and she must have died. The census of 1850 shows Alec C. with wife Eliza.  Barbara Langdon's book, "York County Marriages: 1770-1869, Implied in York County, S.C. Probate Records", supports this conclusion."

One interesting story told about Alec; one day he went to York with his son Jimmy. He got into an argument with some man and they were going to fight. But the old man said “Just wait, I’m going to get my son John to fight for me because I’m not able to fight”. So Alec said “Okay, you go get your son John and I’ll get my son Jim and we’ll let them fight to settle it.” So the two had to fight but did not know who they were fighting or why.

Alec was also a peddler and partner in a clock making business with Jonathan McElwee in York, S.C. Click here to read an article by Louise Pettus on his business. And also read about how his company sent out clocks to be sold in "parts West" after the murder of Stephen Pettus.

Alec and Eliza had the following children:


1. James Harvey Sutton (born April 15, 1852, died August 18, 1940) married Alice Eliza Dinkins (born July 9, 1854, died Dec. 28, 1935). (of whom further)

2. Sarah (Sallie) Sutton (born circa 1857)
married Dave Leonard, who was sheriff of Lexington County, N.C..

3. Stephen Partlow Sutton (born circa 1854)
married Candace Woods of Bethel Township, S.C.

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