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Jonas Sutton

Generation 5


Eighth child of Richard Sutton and his wife Sarah Runyan, Jonas was born April 18, 1721, at Piscataway, Middlesex County, New Jersey. He died at Sandbrook in Hunterdon County in the year 1797. Jonas Sutton was twice married as indicated by his will and the dates of birth of his children; but the name of his first wife is unknown. On September 22, 1764, at age 43, he married his second wife, a first cousin, Elizabeth Runyan, in the Seventh Day Baptist Church at Piscataway. She was born in the year 1731, daughter of Peter Runyan and his wife, Providence Blackford. Her father was brother to Jonas Sutton’s mother.” - All preceding from Ancestral Chart and Handbook by Rowland.

The children of Jonas Sutton and his first wife were as follows:

1. Prudence Sutton

(b. before 1750 died1830) married Powell Hoff (born 1747 died Apr 13, 1816 and buried in Beersheba cemetery.) Children:

A. Jonathan Hoff (born about 1773 died before July 1815) B. Jane Hoff
C. Elizabeth Hoff
D. Amos Hoff (of Washington County, Ohio bought fifty acres land on Turkey Creek, in York County, SC. Dated April 20, 1832.)

2. Jonathan Sutton

(born 1753, died 1818) married 1st. Mary Irvin - 2nd. Mary Campbell (of whom further).

3. John Sutton

(born July 25, 1748, died Oct. 20, 1795) married Dinah Bonham

The children of Jonas Sutton and his second wife, Elizabeth Runyun were as follows:

1. Amos Sutton

(born 1765) married Jane Robins, daughter of John Robins.

2. Jonas Sutton

3. William Sutton

4. Sarah Sutton

5. Joshua Sutton


At what date Jonas Sutton bought his farm at Sandbrook no known record reveals. The commodious farmhouse is said to still stand today and until recent years was occupied. It is a long inn-like structure, the first story built of stone surfaced with plaster, and the second story of wood. There is a verandah the full length of the second-story front, the house being built in the side of a hill. Originally a lane lead from the buildings to the Flemington Highway; but the only present approach is by way of another long neglected lane, a continuation of the lane of a neighboring farm, in from Sandbrook.

At the summit of the rising ground on this farm is the Jonas Sutton family burial ground, long since abandoned; a small square enclosure fenced round with a rough stone wall. Here and there through a tangle of woodbine, briars and fallen saplings one catches the gleam of white marble or one stumbles along amid sunken graves and finds the earlier and less visible markers of red sandstone. Such is the gravestone of Jonas Sutton: of carved red sandstone, with the simple inscription:






 The record serves to identify the Jonas Sutton who is buried at Sandbrook with the Jonas Sutton, son of Richard, who was born at Piscataway,  April 18, 1721.  Near by is another still more simple epitaph:



 dates as given in his family Bible are 1748-1795 and whose intestate papers at Trenton dated 1795.





(Drawn March 25, 1797; probated November 11, 1797)

To wife Elizabeth, all lands and movable estate, etc.

To son Amos _____; Amos to pay certain amounts as follows:

To daughter, Prudence, 120.

To son, Jonathan Sutton, 100.

To son, Jonas Sutton, 120.

To son, Nathan Sutton, 75.

To William Sutton’s children, when 21 years of age, 110 equally divided: Elizabeth excepted.

To John Sutton’s children, when 21 years of age, 120 equally divided.

To Sarah Sutton’s children, 120 equally divided.

To Joshua’s son, Jonas 25 when 21 years of age.


Witnesses: Joseph Laquear

George Trout

Adam Bellis, Jr.




“First Settlers of Piscataway”, by Orra Eugene Monnette, Vol. IV, p. 629.

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