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William Sutton, who appears in Massachusetts in 1666 at Barnstable on Cape Cod, a town that was settled by a mass emigration from Scituate led by the Rev. John Lotrop. It is at Barnstable that the earliest Church records of Scituate are still preserved. William Sutton's sole appearance at this place shows him on trial for stealing the Bible from the meeting-house. Convicted, he was fined one pound for the crime, "and for telling a lie about the same, ten Shillings.

William was a son of George Sutton and Sarah Tilden. William Sutton (born. May 25, 1641, died April 28, 1718 at the age of 77) and his first wife Damaris Bishop (born 1645, died February 6, 1682 at the age of 37) were married July 11, 1666, at Eastham Massachusetts. Damaris died 06 February 1683 in Piscataway, Raritan Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey, at 37 years of age.  William then married Jane Barnes in Piscataway, Raritan Township, Middlesex County, New Jersey, 09 January 1685.

Damaris was the daughter of Alice Martin Clark Bishop and Richard Bishop.  Damaris' mother was hanged for the murder of her own child in 1648 when Damaris was just 2 years of age.  Read more about Alice.

 Of William Sutton it is further recorded that he removed to New Jersey about the year 1672.  He  was an influential Quaker, a pillar of the Quaker congregation that met in the neighboring town of Woodbridge.  In 1682 he was owner of 249 acres of land at Piscataway and he was in turn Freeholder, Constable and Town Clerk in his community.


In the New Jersey Archives, volume XXI of the first series, may be found the following entries:

1693- August 28. Wm. Sutton, Constable of Piscataway gives return for the election of a Representative in place of Hopewell Hull, deceased.

1685/6- February 17. Patent to William Sutton of Piscataway for several small parcels of land.

1685-March 25. Patent to William Sutton of Piscataway, for 125 acres; 25 thereof being due to his wife, Jane, as headland, the other 100 acres being granted to William Sutton as an old settler.

1697-March 10. Confirmation of 21 persons including William Sutton, Thomas Sutton, Judah Sutton, all of Piscataway for a small tract of meadow.


Read about Piscataway in this time.

William was fined 1 pound for taking a bible out of the meeting house in Barnstable, MA in 1666. (Ref: Treasury Accounts of Colony of New Plymouth, Fines of June Court, 1666)

William and Damaris had the following children :

1. Alice Sutton

(born May 13, 1668 in Eastham, Mass.)

2. Thomas Sutton

(b. November 11, 1669 in Eastham, Mass.) married Mary Adams.

3. Mary Sutton

(born October 4, 1671 in Eastham, Mass.) married in 1689 Daniel McDaniel.

4. Damaris Sutton

born in Eastham, Barnstable County, Massachusetts about 1673. Damaris died about 1733 in New Jersey.  She married Benjamin Force in New Jersey, about 1692.

5. William Sutton

born in Eastham, Barnstable County, Massachusetts about 1672.

6. John Sutton

(b. April 20,1674 in Piscataway, N.J. died December 19, 1750 in Piscataway, Middlesex, NJ) married Elizabeth Conger born January 01, 1677/78 in Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ married 1695 in Middlesex, NJ died May 10, 1731 in Piscataway, Middlesex

7. Judah Sutton

(b. January 24, 1675 in Piscataway, N.J.)

8. Richard Sutton

(born July 18, 1676 in Piscataway, N.J.) married Sarah Rongnion - January 25, 1702 (of whom further).

9. Joseph Sutton

(born June 27, 1678, died December 19, 1682).

10. Benjamin Sutton

(born February 24, 1679/80, died December 22, 1682)

11. Daniel Sutton

(born February 25, 1681/2) married 1st Patience Martin on October 31, 1704; 2nd Lydia Collier of Woodbridge August 25, 1724.


William Sutton was married the second time on January 3, 1863/4 to Jane Barnes. The only child of this union was:

1. Joseph Sutton

(born September 11, 1693) married Priscilla Langstaff on December 25, 1718.


Note: Sutton Place in New York City was named for a merchant of this Sutton family. New Jersey and South Carolina also have communities named for Suttons of this line.

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