Beersheba Cemetery, York, SC


This page contains photos of tombstones of the Sutton family in Beersheba Presbyterian Cemetery in York County, that I have located and photographed.

If you have a Sutton Tombstone photo and would like to share with me, please let me know and I may feature it on this page.

Take the time to visit these stones, if you are in the area, as they are getting old and won't be legible for many more years.

I hope to start a fund raiser to buy markers for these graves.

Email me for directions on locating the stones in each cemetery.

Ambrose Sutton
George Sutton
William Sutton
Richard Sutton
Jonas Sutton
Jonathan Sutton
Alexander Sutton

Beersheba Presbyterian Church Cemetery, York, S.C.


Here is a shot of 7 tombstones in the front and roughly 4 behind. These are the graves of Jonathan Sutton and his wives & some children and his brother in-law, Powell Hoff and his daughter Elizabeth Hoff. I will show each stone below.


Jonathan's stone is the third from the right in the foreground.

Vincent Rongnion and Ann Boutcher
Joan Boutcher of Kent

Jonathan Sutton

born 1753, died May 20, 1818 age 65

As you can see, his stone is almost illegible. To the left is his first wife, Mary Irvin. (below)



Sacred / to the / memory of / JONATHAN SUTTON / who departed this life / May 20th 1818 / in the 65th year of his age.

Mary Irvin Sutton
first wife of Jonathan

born 1761, died May 30, 1807 age 46

Mary died at the age of 46 having born only two sons to Jonathan. (James Irvin and Alexander)


Here / lies the body of / MARY IRVIN SUTTON / who departed this life May / the 30th 1807 in the 46th year / of her age.

Mary Campbell Sutton

Jonathan's second wife, born 1784

In / memory of / MARY SUTTON / who departed this life / June 27th 1864 aged 80 / years.

James Irvin Sutton
born 1782

Sacred / to the / memory of / JAMES I. SUTTON / who departed this life / June 26th 1830 / in his 48th year.

Powell Hoff

Jonathan Sutton's brother-in-law (sister Prudence's husband)

Alexander Sutton - son of James Irvin Sutton
born 1822

Sacred / to the / memory of / ALEXANDER SUTTON / who departed this life / Feb. 20th 1838 / aged 16 years

Elizabeth Hoff

Jonathan Sutton's niece by his sister Prudence.

Evaline Steward
Jonathan & Polly Sutton's granddaughter

died Aug 31, 1831 giving birth to only child Evaline Steward who was named for her mother. (see Sutton Springs)

Sacred / to the / memory of / EVALINE STEWARD / who departed this life / Aug. 31st 1831 / in her 26th year

Sutton Dudley Castle
Joan Boutcher of Kent